The Most Luxurious Furniture Brands for Your Home

Discover our top 10 luxury furniture brands for your home! From modern designs to classic antiques from wood to high-quality leather models.

The Most Luxurious Furniture Brands for Your Home
Modern Resale - Luxury Consignment Furniture

Step into a realm where luxury meets sophistication—the world of Modern Resale luxury furniture. As connoisseurs of opulence, we pride ourselves on curating an unparalleled selection of exquisite pieces that redefine the concept of lavish living.

Formerly known as Restoration Hardware, our furniture brand transcends expectations, offering a captivating range of minimalist homeware that exudes elegance and refinement. With a keen eye for timeless design, we embrace marble, neutrals, gold, and wood as recurring themes in our curated collection. These elements harmoniously blend to create a captivating and industrial aesthetic that captures the essence of modern luxury.

From a hand-embroidered tiger pillow to a porcelain kitchen canister that says “grass”, Adler accessories scream fun. When you walk into a Jonathan Adler store, be careful, you may not find what you are looking for, but you definitely won't come out empty-handed. Contemporary, serene and cool are three words that describe West Elm. It's a trusted brand where you can discover timeless pieces such as mid-century dining tables, European linen duvet covers and comfortable swivel chairs. West Elm furniture has a comfortable and welcoming quality. It's the kind of pieces that feel lively and carefree. They are an excellent backdrop for a relaxed and refined lifestyle. Do you want Hollywood glamour in your home? Stars' Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler Has You Covered.

Luxury Furniture Brands Redefining Elegance: Restoration Hardware, CB2, Bentley Home, and Frontgate

Restoration Hardware one of the youngest luxury furniture brand in the marketplace but one of the most popular nonetheless is Restoration Hardware. CB2 is one of the most popular furniture brands in recent history. But their products, like the Hera Marble Desk with Shelves , live up to the hype. Bentley Home represents the partnership between Bentley , the British luxury automobile maker and Club House Italia, a European handcrafted furniture design company. The marriage of these two brands offers the same level of luxury and comfort that you'd expect from a Bentley product with wood and leather similarly playing an important role in translating excellence to the realm of interior design. Frontgate can check every style box with its huge catalog of furniture. It's essentially a one-stop shop for all of your classic and modern furniture needs. From game room furniture to outdoor living, at price points that satisfy all budgets, you can get lost on its website for hours and fully furnish your home with ease. Wearstler is a master of mixing and combines patterns with different textures, colors and metallic finishes. Combine old and antique items from different periods to create a sophisticated and modern look. Their distinctive style can be seen at Proper Hotels and their website, where you can buy stone side benches, striped sofas and floating chandelier pendants. From modern designs to classic antiques, from wood to high-quality leather models, exclusive and expensive furniture has to attract many fans and buyers across five continents over the years.

Take a look at our top 10 luxury furniture brands. To top this list of the top 10, Home Decor Ideas selected the Boca do Lobo brand, not only because of its expensive and luxury commerce, but mainly, because its furniture is an absolutely exclusive and emotional experience. Boca do Lobo strives to foster sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces passionately inspired and handmade in Portugal by staff who love what they do; experiences that convey a sense of exclusivity. Delightfull lighting reflects a personality and strong emotions are present in every detail. Working with their hands, Delightfull designers transfer passion and devotion to everything their masterpieces do and are born.

Luxury Furniture at Its Finest: Brabbu, Fendi Casa, and Boca de Lobo

Brabbu is a design brand that reflects an intense way of life, bringing fierceness, strength and power to an urban lifestyle. Brabbu designs and produces a wide range of furniture, cover items, upholstery, lighting, carpets, art and accessories that tell stories of nature and the world. French Ormolu traditional classic table lamps, marble lamps, lapis lazuli lamps, malachite lamps, 24 carat gold-plated bronze lamps with hand-sewn silk shades.

These fabulous lamps are ideal for 5-star hotels, and every million-dollar household should have expensive lamps. Since 1989, Fendi Casa has created prestigious furniture and design objects that bring the unique flavor of Fendi to homes around the world. Tradition is never nostalgic and innovation is paramount. Known around the world as one of the most exclusive furniture companies, Boca de Lobo aims for the upper class. Fendi Casa matches a glamorous and cosmopolitan lifestyle by offering refined aesthetics, novel living concepts in a harmony between fashion and interior design. Fendi Casa will refresh any home bringing in the unique prestigious design and the Fendi flavor with the luxury furniture they craft.