What is the most high end furniture brand?

What is the most high end furniture brand?The furniture brand, formerly known as Restoration Hardware, is your one-stop-shop for luxurious and minimalist homeware. Marble, neutrals, gold and wood are recurring themes in the brand's elegant and industrial designs.

What is the most high end furniture brand?

What is the most high end furniture brand?

The furniture brand, formerly known as Restoration Hardware, is your one-stop-shop for luxurious and minimalist homeware. Marble, neutrals, gold and wood are recurring themes in the brand's elegant and industrial designs. RH works with artisans around the world to create unique and lasting collections. In recent years, the decoration giant has expanded its offer beyond stores to galleries.

The top most expensive furniture brands have mastered both of these aspects leaving no detail forgotten.

TOP of the TOP

Part of a retail store, restaurant and art exhibition, RH Galleries turns buying furniture into an otherworldly experience. Jonathan Adler designs are bold, loud and fabulous. The designer combines elements of luxury: velvet and gold, acrylic and nickel, brass and glass with geometric patterns and contrasting colors, such as black and white. Trinkets and pillows are whimsical and cheeky.


From a hand-embroidered tiger pillow to a porcelain kitchen canister that says “grass”, Adler accessories scream fun. When you walk into a Jonathan Adler store, be careful, you may not find what you are looking for, but you definitely won't come out empty-handed. Contemporary, serene and cool are three words that describe West Elm. It's a trusted brand where you can discover timeless pieces such as mid-century dining tables, European linen duvet covers and comfortable swivel chairs.

West Elm

West Elm furniture has a comfortable and welcoming quality. It's the kind of pieces that feel lively and carefree. They are an excellent backdrop for a relaxed and refined lifestyle. Do you want Hollywood glamour in your home? Stars' Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler Has You Covered.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware one of the youngest luxury furniture brand in the marketplace but one of the most popular nonetheless is Restoration Hardware.


CB2 is one of the most popular furniture brands in recent history. But their products, like the Hera Marble Desk with Shelves , live up to the hype.

Bentley Home and Club House Italia

Bentley Home represents the partnership between Bentley , the British luxury automobile maker and Club House Italia, a European handcrafted furniture design company.

The marriage of these two brands offers the same level of luxury and comfort that you'd expect from a Bentley product with wood and leather similarly playing an important role in translating excellence to the realm of interior design.


Frontgate can check every style box with its huge catalog of furniture. It's essentially a one-stop shop for all of your classic and modern furniture needs. From game room furniture to outdoor living, at price points that satisfy all budgets, you can get lost on its website for hours and fully furnish your home with ease.


Wearstler is a master of mixing and combines patterns with different textures, colors and metallic finishes. Combine old and antique items from different periods to create a sophisticated and modern look. Their distinctive style can be seen at Proper Hotels and their website, where you can buy stone side benches, striped sofas and floating chandelier pendants. From modern designs to classic antiques, from wood to high-quality leather models, exclusive and expensive furniture has to attract many fans and buyers across five continents over the years.

Take a look at our top 10 luxury furniture brands. To top this list of the top 10, Home Decor Ideas selected the Boca do Lobo brand, not only because of its expensive and luxury commerce, but mainly, because its furniture is an absolutely exclusive and emotional experience. Boca do Lobo strives to foster sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces passionately inspired and handmade in Portugal by staff who love what they do; experiences that convey a sense of exclusivity. Delightfull lighting reflects a personality and strong emotions are present in every detail.

Delightful Designers

Working with their hands, Delightfull designers transfer passion and devotion to everything their masterpieces do and are born. Brabbu is a design brand that reflects an intense way of life, bringing fierceness, strength and power to an urban lifestyle. Brabbu designs and produces a wide range of furniture, cover items, upholstery, lighting, carpets, art and accessories that tell stories of nature and the world. French Ormolu traditional classic table lamps, marble lamps, lapis lazuli lamps, malachite lamps, 24 carat gold-plated bronze lamps with hand-sewn silk shades.

Fendi Casa

These fabulous lamps are ideal for 5-star hotels, and every million-dollar household should have expensive lamps. Since 1989, Fendi Casa has created prestigious furniture and design objects that bring the unique flavor of Fendi to homes around the world. Tradition is never nostalgic and innovation is paramount. Known around the world as one of the most exclusive furniture companies, Boca de Lobo aims for the upper class.

Fendi Casa matches a glamorous and cosmopolitan lifestyle by offering refined aesthetics, novel living concepts in a harmony between fashion and interior design. Fendi Casa will refresh any home, bringing in the unique prestigious design and the Fendi flavor with the luxury furniture they craft.

Their products go beyond design and fall into the realm of emotions, as they strive to offer their customers more than just furniture. This brand of furniture is not basic. Combining style, quality and affordability for every budget, there's not a hint of mahogany in sight. At Tov Furniture you'll find beautiful tufted velvet sofas, graphic side tables, and unique decorative furniture that are guaranteed to receive tons of compliments.


Place this in your entrance to start an instant conversation when guests come. If you're constantly moving houses, Floyd is a great furniture brand that can move in with you safely. With a mission to end disposable furniture, Floyd creates pieces of lasting quality that are designed with all your needs in mind. There's no need to list furniture on Craigslist when you move in, everything is made for simple assembly, which can also be easily disassembled for any move.

If we had to choose our favorite pieces, it would be a mess. The brand sofa is delivered in a box with easy assembly instructions. But we also love Floyd's shelving system, which can start simply as a base shelf, giving you the option to add expansion units and add-ons to fit your space perfectly. If coastal elegance and farmhouse freshness are your thing, you have to go to Serena %26 Lily!.

With a mission to bring the California coast to your home, this modern brand allows you to bring the outdoors, with beautiful furniture in soft, soothing tones and patterns. The brand is best known for its meticulously crafted rattan and linen wrapped furniture. The Driftaway chest of drawers will immediately warm your bedroom and give your clothes a beautiful place to live. When it comes to apartment living, you'll want furniture that's affordable, multifunctional, and easy to move.

If you've ever moved several times, you know that a move can affect your furniture. With brands like Floyd, Burrow and Thuma, you can easily disassemble furniture, reducing the chance of damage when moving. One of the many things we love about Cabinetmaker is its incredible ability to carve and gild by hand. We also appreciate your respect for classics, many pieces in the collection are cleverly drawn from antiques, but they always feel up to date for today.


Edra (also seen in the title photo) is an Italian furniture and design company from the Tuscany region. They are a great example of how furniture can also be artistic pieces. They produce everything from chairs and tables to lamps and sofas. They are known to use less traditional design elements and make some of their furniture with unique materials and shapes.

Their current catalog has around 500 pages and there is plenty to choose from. Roche Bobois is a French company that is highly respected within the industry and by those who use their furniture. They make chairs, tables, shelves, desks, bedding sets and much more. Like a fashion brand, Roche Bobois presents a new collection of furniture every six months and they are considered innovators within the luxury furniture industry.

Christopher Guy is another high-end premium furniture brand that hails from London, England. The company produces everything from mirrors and coffee tables to dining tables and chairs. They are often described as a combination of classic design with touches of postmodernism. Restoration Hardware is an American company that calls itself a “lifestyle brand”.

They offer furniture options for almost every room in a house and their catalog has more than 3,000 pages in length. All of their products follow similar design guidelines and are updated versions of classic favorites. Poliform is a very exclusive company operating in Italy and the United States, and provides its furniture to premium hotels such as the Four Seasons. Their catalog of furniture is huge, and they also make kitchens and bathrooms.

His work is ultramodern and elegant, and is perfect for those who care about design and appreciate minimalism. You can also hire them to decorate the interior of your entire house, as long as you have the budget. Founded in 1893, Baker is another premium furniture brand that manufactures virtually all types of furniture, including accessories such as mirrors and lamps. The company adapted over the years to stylistic changes in furniture, allowing them to cultivate a very elegant and premium approach to classic furniture.

Their catalogs are very extensive and have a lot to offer those looking for new furniture. Kartell is an Italian furniture company specializing in chairs, sofas and tables. Their work is very modern and progressive and they are undoubtedly a more artistic furniture brand. Almost all of their products scream the words “fun”, and while that may not be for everyone, one simply cannot rule out Kartell when looking for luxury furniture.

It's no mystery that Italians excel in design, so we see another Italian company on our list. Fendi Casa is actually a secondary brand of Fendi, which is a luxury fashion brand. The company decided it wanted to get involved with furniture in 1989, and since then it has been doing a fantastic job within the industry. Produce chairs, desks, tables, kitchen ornaments, outdoor furniture, sofas and more.

They show Italian design at its best. Photos of Edra, Brabbu, Christopher Guy, Boca do Lobo, Fendi Casa, Kartell, Baker, Poliform, Restoration hardware, Roche Bobois, Edra. Create the ultimate outdoor entertainment area with this really cool outdoor furniture brand that has created a design that eliminates the need to carry your cushions inside when it rains or having to worry about a bulky cover. Although it started as a small company founded by four determined men, today Henredon has a highly trained and super talented team, which translates into the quality of its products and a good taste for beautiful and distinctive furniture.

The best thing about Tov is that it's on the more affordable side of furniture brands, which means you can also have your chaise lounge and accent chair. Whether you're a fan of Scandinavian design, prefer French antiques to modern pieces, or if you like mid-century silhouettes, these luxury furniture brands offer a range of pieces to inspire your next design adventure. They are very luxurious furniture brands, I think this will be great and will match when the interiors of the houses are also luxurious. Quality outdoor and home furniture can be found at Arhaus, and you never have to wonder where the materials come from.

Castlery has furniture that will allow you to complete your room with the right chair you were looking for. By combining functionality with creativity, furniture becomes useful both in a practical and emotional way, providing comfort and utility and creating a space where you can be who you really are, without having to worry about what others might think of you. The Atlanta-based company is a favorite both for its furniture collections and for its brilliant antique finds. They make some of the best furniture in the world using only high-quality raw materials combined with original ideas and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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