What is the most reliable furniture brand?

What is the most reliable furniture brand?We independently research, test, review and recommend the best products Learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

What is the most reliable furniture brand?

What is the most reliable furniture brand?

We independently research, test, review and recommend the best products Learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. We research all the best Made-in-the-U, S, A. furniture brands, evaluating them in terms of quality, sustainability, value and variety of offerings.

Top Brands

Our favorites include Maiden Home, which offers sectionals, chairs and dining sets designed by North Carolina artisans, and Stickley, a traditional brand specializing in hardwood furniture and upholstery based in upstate New York. The direct-to-consumer business model has become increasingly popular in recent years, with brands such as Warby Parker and Brooklinen becoming household names. And Maiden Home is using the same strategy to sell its American-made furniture. This brand sells its high-quality furniture online, bypassing traditional retail stores, to minimize retail profit margin and keep costs affordable for shoppers.

Stickley is one of the best-known manufacturers of high-end wooden furniture, and it can be safely said that after 120 years, the brand has successfully stood the test of time. Stickley specializes in premium hardwood furniture and fine upholstery, and the brand even played a key role in developing the American artisanal decor style. Today, Stickley has manufacturing facilities in New York and North Carolina, where more than 90 percent of its parts are manufactured. It offers a wide range of furniture, including living room, dining room, bedroom and office collections, many of which are in handicrafts %26 or traditional styles.

However, the brand also offers a smaller collection of modern hardwood furniture, as well as upholstered and leather sofas and chairs. Due to this brand's long legacy and unbeatable craftsmanship, Stickley furniture is usually quite expensive. Think of it as an investment, although Stickley pieces are often appreciated in value over the years, and many styles become collector's items. You can find just about any type of Vermont Wood Studio furniture, including bedroom, dining room, living room, and office pieces in traditional, vibrant, modern, and mid-century styles.

Best Options

Since all the pieces are made to order, you can customize each and every piece of furniture. And as an added bonus, each product comes with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and materials. Simplicity Sofas is a direct-to-consumer furniture company specializing in sofas, beds and sectionals. All of its products are manufactured in North Carolina, and the company also sources materials in-country as much as possible.

A direct-to-consumer brand that you can only purchase online, Article has taken off in popularity over the last few years. It's best known for its mid-century modern and Scandinavian-inspired designs, which you can find on dining tables, sideboards, beds, accent chairs, and more.

According to the Simplicity Sofas website, more than 90 percent of its components and 50 percent of the fabrics are locally sourced. Most of the furniture from this brand has a simple and timeless design, and there are dozens of fabrics to choose from. Your sofas and sofas feature modular designs, allowing you to easily replace a specific component in the event of a defect. And all Simplicity sofas fit 15-inch wide doors and stairs, making them an ideal choice for those living in apartments or small homes.

Mid-century modern enthusiasts will fall in love with Eastvold Furniture's high-quality creations. This small furniture company is headquartered in Minnesota, and every piece in its five collections is handmade. The brand is most popular for its mid-century sideboards and sideboards, but it also offers bedroom furniture, dining tables, coffee tables and more. All Eastvold Furniture designs have sleek, modern lines, making the furniture the perfect complement to a contemporary home.

The Inside's furniture is made in facilities across North America — including factories in North Carolina, Illinois, and Pennsylvania — by craftspeople with decades of experience in furniture manufacturing.

Living Room Furniture

Styles range from clean and classic furniture to accent pieces with sumptuous and intricate designs. By constantly creating, updating, and importing new styles, the company maintains a large catalog of furniture to suit many homes.

What to Look for in Affordable Furniture Shopping for new furniture can be overwhelming. Between finding the best pieces to complement each other, figuring out your personal design aesthetic, and of course, spending a chunk of your cash on investment pieces, home makeovers are no easy task (contrary to what the HGTV shows might make you think).

The products are made using FSC-certified wood and other nontoxic materials, and the brand has a repair program that allows you to replace most components of their furniture for a reasonable price.

ur go-to move is checking Amazon for specific pieces from brands we've seen elsewhere, as the odds are good you can find them at a more affordable price and with faster shipping. To that point, let's not forget that possibly the best part of Amazon shopping is the free Prime delivery and returns, a major selling point for those who might be prone to changing their minds post-purchase.

Emblem's furniture is designed for high-use environments, like offices or living rooms, and as such it's crafted to last using high-density foam, commercial-grade fabrics, and cold-rolled steel to complement its hardwood frames. All of Emblem's furniture is shipped from its factory in Southern California, three weeks after order placement.

Most of its furniture is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, with the exception being dining and office chairs.

Not all furniture can be returned Limited selection If you're looking for a few accent pieces to liven up your living space, the American-made furniture from Schoolhouse is worth a look.

The popular bedroom collections of this brand are made of solid wood and veneer, including local types of pine, oak, maple, cherry, ash and more. Because it sources local materials, the company is dedicated to sustainability, participating in a program that supplies seedlings to replace trees felled to make their furniture. Headquartered in Portland, this company offers customizable furniture options in several different styles that would fit most homes. Each piece can be made from one of five different types of wood, and other details, such as the type of knob and the color of the upholstery, can also be chosen from a list of options.

There's even a handy link to customize this piece for all the furniture on your site in case you want to make further changes to achieve a truly unique design. Not only is this furniture made in the USA, but the company also goes an extra step to make its manufacturing and delivery process as environmentally friendly as possible. Carpentry uses renewable energy sources to power its facilities and makes good use of wood waste rather than simply discarding it. If your goal is to purchase American-made furniture, be sure to research and review labels, website credentials, and company history for information on any disclosures to ensure that the products you are purchasing are fully manufactured in the U.S.

While Kardiel is mostly known for its living room furniture, we happen to love its dining pieces, particularly its stylish benches and buffets that look purpose built for grown men who like to host dinner parties.

Create the ultimate outdoor entertainment zone with this seriously cool outdoor furniture brand that has created a design that eliminates you having to take your cushions inside when it rains or have to fuss with a bulky cover.

From comfortable sofas to sturdy tables, there are a few high quality furniture brands you should know about to help you make a smart decision. We've compiled a list of eight incredible furniture brands every customer should be aware of so you can find the perfect pieces for your home.

Bend Goods

Bend Goods specializes in wire, contemporary furniture, and brightly colored accessories made for any space — from high-traffic international airports to calm, minimalist homes. Founded by Gaurav Nanda, a sculptor, and visual designer, Bend is a product of his interest in combining beauty with utility.

UU. Whether you're buying from a legacy manufacturer or an innovative startup, do your due diligence instead of relying on marketing materials that can ignore the facts. For example, while North Carolina has long been considered the furniture capital of the U.S. In the US, many of their companies have taken their operations overseas, so be sure to read the fine print.

One of the most compelling reasons to buy American-made furniture is to support the local economy and reduce carbon emissions from transporting materials and finished products. It's a big country, so strive to source your furniture from local manufacturers to reduce the environmental footprint of your furniture and support your local community of craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Prioritize manufacturers who use locally sourced and sustainably sourced materials whenever possible, such as felled urban trees. Buying quality furniture from local businesses with local materials can cost more than big box stores.

One way to mitigate the cost of handmade furniture in an era of mass production is to look for companies that use a direct-to-consumer model that are not subject to retail margins by eliminating the middleman. Look for furniture manufacturers that use quality materials to make products that are designed to last more than a lifetime with proper care. North Carolina became a bustling hub for American-made furniture in the late 19th century. The large amount of wood available from nearby Appalachian forests, cheap local labor, and easy access to the then-new Southern Railroad for transportation helped sustain a century of production and build the state's reputation as the epicenter of U.S.

furniture production. But many of the companies that relied on local skilled craftsmen began outsourcing furniture production to Asia, and since the 1990s, the state's reputation as a furniture capital has largely been a nostalgic idea, with fewer and fewer local companies producing furniture 100% made in the USA. With exceptional craftsmanship and style, Room and Board has consolidated its position as one of the leading furniture brands in today's market. Since the company started in 1980, they have created innovative designs that keep them ahead of current fashion trends.

Its catalog of versatile, elegant and timeless pieces makes it easy for buyers to find beautiful decor that fits their aesthetics. Those who appreciate classic style with a little twist will fall head over heels in love with the mid-priced Ballard Designs, which designer Cameron Jones appreciates for being “on-trend without feeling trendy.”. Jones also maintains the Adorned Abode blog and adds: “It has a good mix of updated pieces based on the traditional, which is right up my aesthetic design alley. Known largely for its custom sofas, Interior Define also sells tables, ottomans, sideboards and more, with many pieces leaning toward mid-century modernity.

Offering large furniture and decorative details, think everything from colorful glass bowls to sculptures, Global Views is perfect for the collector. Modern sofa beds, ribbed cupboards and classic bar trolleys are just some of the products you can buy. See what other Food52 readers are saying. If you're looking for American-made brands that sell unique, high-quality furniture, you've found the right place.

Below, we'll share 14 of the best furniture brands that design and manufacture their furniture in the United States. Maiden Home believes you shouldn't settle for a generic design, inferior quality, or anything that isn't a perfect fit for your home. Every piece of Maiden Home is handcrafted in the North Carolina region (North Carolina and Virginia), home to the world's most skilled furniture craftsmen. Each Maiden Home piece features a modern design and is handmade to order, using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The craftsmen at Maiden Home don't skimp on construction and use premium materials to ensure that every item they ship is a high-quality piece of furniture. Their frames are made with 1 thick plywood made of kiln-dried hardwood that is glued, double tenon and with locking at the corners for additional support, and their cushions are also custom-made of high-strength Ultracel foam. Eliminating all additional costs (showrooms, vendor, catalogs, etc. Burrow sells products directly to the consumer, which means you can save on the supply chain, storage and distribution, and invest more time and money designing and manufacturing your furniture in the U.S.

It has a strong focus on sustainability to ensure that its sofas are as good for the planet as they are for your Netflix binges. All wood used for Burrow sofas is grown in U, S. The soil, mainly in Mississippi and Louisiana, and each wood supplier is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the American Tree Crop System (ATFS) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Burrow sofas and seating options are the cornerstones of your business.

Its modular designs make each piece easy to move and means you can deliver products, even sofas, in normal shipping boxes. Each of its sofas can also be customized with five fabric colors, six leg finishes and three armrest heights. In addition to its seats and sofas, Burrow also sells a range of wall shelves, versatile sideboards and media storage options, coffee tables, side tables and home decor accessories such as rugs, pillows, lamps and blankets. If you want to see Burrow furniture in person, he has a retail store and showroom in Manhattan.

Floyd's mission is to create high-quality home furnishings with materials that last. As part of its commitment to manufacturing furniture that adapts to modern life, Floyd ensures that each of its products offers intuitive assembly and disassembly, making it easy to take them with you during a move. The brand began by selling legs to help turn any surface into a table, but has since expanded to offer a range of furniture for almost every room in the house, from sofas and beds to tables, lighting and shelves. And for those looking to completely change the style of an entire room, Floyd offers a range of room sets to make it even easier to design a large house, while saving money and time.

Many of its pieces (such as its table and shelf system) can also be used as home office furniture. Production time ranges from 10 to 21 days for each custom sofa and delivery ranges from 10 to 15 business days after leaving your manufacturing facility. Benchmade Modern offers a range of American-made solid wood furniture for your home, including sofas, sectionals, armchairs, reading chairs, beds, recliners. For starters, you can order a collection of free samples or a free print to see exactly how your sofa will fit into your space.

Do you want to buy some living room furniture online? Look no further than Allform. Allform offers high-quality modular, sectional and two-seater sofas designed for real life. Each Allform sofa has a sleek, modern aesthetic and is made of laminated, kiln-dried hardwood sustainably sourced from the Sustainable Forest Initiative and fabrics resistant to scratches, pellets and stains. You can see our full Allform sofa review here.

The Inside Weather design team works in the same warehouse where your order is placed and shipped. You can order Inside Weather furniture online and customize every detail, from the material of your sofa to the design of your coffee table surface. And when you order, your custom furniture is made just for you, ensuring that the Inside Weather manufacturing process generates as little waste as possible. The brand's direct consumer focus means Inside Weather can reduce a ton of production costs without sacrificing quality.

It also saves on retailers' profit margins and, by making each piece order-specific, reduces warehouse costs, resulting in high-quality, custom-made furniture at affordable prices. Whatever piece of furniture or furniture set you're looking for, you're likely to find something that fits your needs on Inside Weather. Manufactures a range of sofas, sectional and decorative armchairs, coffee and dining tables and home furnishings for almost every room. Medley offers a range of living room furniture with plenty of customization options to choose from, including fabric, legs, padding and design.

Their standard delivery time is 6-8 weeks and their products ship directly from their Los Angeles headquarters to your door. Its products are made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, such as oven-dried alder wood and domestically sourced bamboo. Medley doesn't have a physical store because he believes that selling online can transfer the savings (of not having a physical store) to consumers. But to help alleviate any concerns you may have about making expensive purchases online, it offers a 100-day in-home trial.

The Inside furniture is manufactured in North American facilities, including factories in North Carolina, Illinois and Pennsylvania, by craftsmen with decades of experience manufacturing furniture. Each piece of furniture is manufactured from scratch in 3 weeks. It offers a wide range of living room and bedroom furniture, home office pieces, and home decor items to add that finishing touch to your interior design. Campaign furniture is manufactured in the United States using domestic and foreign components that are 100% recyclable and have a low impact on the environment.

Its wood components are made of solid wood sourced from the Midwest of the United States. The camping furniture is also designed to last and the durability of its frame has been tested to last 10 times longer than the average sofa (100+ years). Sabai furniture is created with fabrics made of natural fibers and recycled water bottles, FSC-certified wood, CertiPUR-US certified foam and recycled fiber pillows. Once production is complete, your products are shipped directly to you in 100% recycled boxes, and you won't find plastic in their packaging.

The family of Fyrn co-founder Ros Broughton has been designing and manufacturing furniture since the turn of the 20th century. And Broughton draws on his family history to create unique furniture designed and made with love by the people of California. You can't forget Aspenhome when you think of high-quality furniture brands. This company creates a variety of furniture made of materials such as solid wood in a variety of finishes ranging from classic walnut to modern gray.

The brand started in 1980 as a small home entertainment company and graduated to offer beautiful bedroom, living room, entertainment, dining and office furniture. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and focuses on creating quality furniture in a wide selection of styles. Whether you like a modern design or prefer the traditional look of a classic dining table, Aspenhome has it all. Some pieces in their collection also include finishing options so you can create a personalized look.

If you're looking for a unique style, Bernhardt is a fantastic option. The brand has been manufacturing furniture since 1889, and you can still see and feel the quality of every product it manufactures today. This sleek and modern brand has a sturdy construction and uses fine materials to create ultra-modern products for your home. At our Bernhardt furniture store in Centennial, Colorado, you'll find a variety of products for every room, including side tables, mirrors, trivia cabinets, and dressing tables.

Solid stone, modern metal and robust wood are just some of the components Bernhardt uses to create his whimsical furniture. Each collection features unique finishes and designs that will bring contemporary appeal to every room in your home. Flexsteel is a leader in the furniture business thanks to its proven use of patented stainless steel springs. DualFlex springs offer uncompromising support on chairs and sofas for an incredible experience and long-term durability.

Every product manufactured by Flexsteel is manufactured to the highest quality, and their goal is to offer beautiful and durable furniture that will stand the test of time. This brand doesn't just make chairs and sofas. They also make elegant tables, storage pieces and more. The combination of materials such as wood and metal makes their products strong and beautiful for any style of home.

Electric recliners and sofas exhibit features such as USB ports integrated into certain products that raise this brand to a high level of quality and functionality. For more than 90 years, Hooker Furniture has been a leader in the furniture industry. This dynamic brand offers several beautiful collections for every room in the house. Whether it's a new bedroom set or a comfortable sofa, the brand focuses on combining exceptional quality construction with unique architectural details.

This US-based company creates a wealth of furniture in almost every conceivable style and finish. Whether you're looking for something luxurious and high-end or simple and functional, Hooker Furniture creates products that easily match any lifestyle. Their range of furniture for bedroom, dining room, living room and home office is second to none in terms of quality and style. Intercon manufactures furniture designed for today's modern lifestyle.

This incredible brand of high-quality furniture uses solid wood and quality metals to create beautiful furniture for almost every room. Cabinets and trunks display beautiful hardware, while modern finishes add. Tapered legs give cabinets and tables a bold, modern touch, while classic pieces feature warm finishes and traditional designs. The Intercon line of sofas and chairs has a myriad of functional add-ons including power recline, side USB ports and luxurious leather upholstery.

No matter what you need, you will find the perfect products with the purchase of Intercon furniture. You relax in it, your children play in it, you sleep or eat in it and, in many cases, you have your whole life around a beautiful piece of furniture chosen. Sherill furniture products are made with the best quality materials, made in the USA. They are manufactured to the best possible furniture design standards.

While they now have an online presence, Miskelly retail stores are proud of their heritage and their showrooms contain the largest selection of Mississippi-made furniture in the state. They're a huge online furniture and home decor shopping site, and the mind behind this brand is Sara Sugarman. Sherrill manufactures living room furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and sectionals, along with a limited selection of dining furniture. This is because when you choose furniture from this company, you get a superior product and not a single detail is overlooked.

Marching for innovation, they introduce new and striking furniture into their collections and adapt to changing styles, maintaining traditional elements. And an extensive online catalog, Pottery Barn has a solid reputation as one of the best furniture stores for the mid-range and high-end market. As one of the nation's largest independent furniture retailers, Mathis Brothers promotes discounted pricing on all items in inventory. Its catalog offers among the best furniture, from traditional and modern mid-century styles to contemporary styles.

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