The Best Furniture Brands for Every Home

Furnishing a home can be daunting but with these top furniture brands it can be a breeze! We researched Made-in-the-U.S.A brands evaluating them on quality sustainability value & variety of offerings.

Furnishing a home can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and resources, it can be a breeze. Whether you're looking for a refresh or furnishing a home for the first time, check out these top furniture brands that satisfy major furniture goals. We independently research, test, review and recommend the best products. Learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. We researched all the best Made-in-the-U. S. A. furniture brands, evaluating them in terms of quality, sustainability, value and variety of offerings. That's why we went straight to our trusted group of interior designers for the best furniture brands that make them and their clients swoon.


makes a range of chairs and tables that can work as dining sets or furniture to lounge in. Its pieces work equally well as indoor and outdoor furniture. In order to narrow down the field to the best brands, we chose each best furniture brand based on the quality of the offerings, the range of the product selections, and the availability of the products through easy-to-access retailers.

Maiden Home

Maiden Home is a direct-to-consumer business model that has become increasingly popular in recent years, with brands such as Warby Parker and Brooklinen becoming household names. This brand sells its high-quality furniture online, bypassing traditional retail stores, to minimize retail profit margin and keep costs affordable for shoppers.


Minotti is an Italian company with a solid reputation internationally as an excellent example of “Made in Italy” in Minotti's contemporary furniture design. It is also an ambassador for a classic-modern lifestyle in residential and hospitality. Alberto Minotti's intuition led to the establishment of the company in 1948. Renato Minotti and Roberto Minotti took the next steps after the death of their father in 1991. They began the process of expansion and growth into international markets. Since 1998, they were responsible for the corporate strategy. Rodolfo Dordoni has been given the strategic role as Art Director and Coordinator of all company collections. The third generation has also shared a story of Italian excellence: Alessio and Alessandro, Susanna, Leonardo and Susanna are at the forefront of the challenge of the third millennium's digital and multi-cultural world.


Stickley is one of the best-known manufacturers of high-end wooden furniture, and it can be safely said that after 120 years, the brand has successfully stood the test of time. Stickley specializes in premium hardwood furniture and fine upholstery, and the brand even played a key role in developing the American artisanal decor style. Today, Stickley has manufacturing facilities in New York and North Carolina, where more than 90 percent of its parts are manufactured. It offers a wide range of furniture, including living room, dining room, bedroom and office collections, many of which are in handicrafts & or traditional styles. However, the brand also offers a smaller collection of modern hardwood furniture, as well as upholstered and leather sofas and chairs. Due to this brand's long legacy and unbeatable craftsmanship, Stickley furniture is usually quite expensive - think of it as an investment! Stickley pieces are often appreciated in value over the years, and many styles become collector's items.

Vermont Wood Studio

Vermont Wood Studio offers just about any type of furniture you could need - bedroom sets, dining room sets, living room pieces and office pieces - all in traditional, vibrant modern or mid-century styles. Since all pieces are made to order you can customize each piece to your exact specifications - from wood type to knob type to upholstery color - making it easy to achieve your desired look! And as an added bonus each product comes with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and materials.

Simplicity Sofas

Simplicity Sofas is a direct-to-consumer furniture company specializing in sofas beds and sectionals all manufactured in North Carolina with materials sourced locally as much as possible (more than 90 percent components & 50 percent fabrics). Most pieces have simple timeless designs with dozens of fabrics to choose from - plus modular designs make it easy to replace any component if needed! And all Simplicity sofas fit 15 inch wide doors & stairs making them ideal for apartments or small homes.

Eastvold Furniture

Mid-century modern enthusiasts will fall in love with Eastvold Furniture's high-quality creations! This small furniture company is headquartered in Minnesota & every piece in its five collections is handmade - most popular for its mid-century sideboards & sideboards but also offers bedroom furniture dining tables coffee tables & more! All Eastvold Furniture designs have sleek modern lines making them perfect complements to contemporary homes & they source local materials & participate in a program that supplies seedlings to replace trees felled to make their furniture.